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388388"TF_ConjurersCowl_Desc" "I put on my wizard's hat."
389389"TF_RFAHammer" "Maul" // ADD THE
390390"TF_RFAHammer_Desc" "Packs a devastating punch with a hint of Mars dust."
391N/A"TF_MedicMtGHat" "" // ADD THE
392N/A"TF_MedicMtGHat_Desc" ""
393N/A"TF_ScoutMtGHat" "" // ADD THE
394N/A"TF_ScoutMtGHat_Desc" ""
N/A391"TF_MedicMtGHat" "Planeswalker Helm" // ADD THE
N/A392"TF_MedicMtGHat_Desc" "If anyone asks, tell them the tusks qualify you for veterinary work."
N/A393"TF_ScoutMtGHat" "Planeswalker Goggles" // ADD THE
N/A394"TF_ScoutMtGHat_Desc" "No more bugs in your eyes as you blaze across the map."
396396"TF_Party_Favor" "Party Favor"
397397"TF_Armory_Item_Type_NoiseMaker""Plays a themed sound when used. Equip this item in your action slot and use it during a game. A charge will be consumed when the item is used."