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1477314773 }
1477414774 "show_in_armory" "1"
1477514775 "item_type_name" "#TF_Wearable_Hat"
14776N/A "item_name" "#TF_MedicMtGHat"
14777N/A "item_description" "#TF_MedicMtGHat_Desc"
N/A14776 "item_name" "Planeswalker Helm"
N/A14777 "item_description" "If anyone asks, tell them the tusks qualify you for veterinary work."
1477814778 "item_slot" "head"
1477914779 "item_quality" "unique"
1478014780 "image_inventory" "backpack/player/items/medic/medic_mtg"
1481614816 }
1481714817 "show_in_armory" "1"
1481814818 "item_type_name" "#TF_Wearable_Hat"
14819N/A "item_name" "#TF_ScoutMtGHat"
14820N/A "item_description" "#TF_ScoutMtGHat_Desc"
N/A14819 "item_name" "Planeswalker Goggles"
N/A14820 "item_description" "No more bugs in your eyes as you blaze across the map."
1482114821 "item_slot" "head"
1482214822 "item_quality" "unique"
1482314823 "image_inventory" "backpack/player/items/scout/scout_mtg"