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1115511155"TF_Matchmaking_AcceptInviteFailTitle" "Error"
1115611156"TF_Matchmaking_AcceptInviteFailMessage" "Failed to accept invite to join search party. The party may have already been disbanded."
1115711157"TF_Matchmaking_MannUpDisabled" "Matchmaking for Mann Up is temporarily disabled."
11158N/A"TF_Matchmaking_PartyPenalty" "A member of your party has recently abandoned a game. You are temporarily matchmaking with lower priority."
N/A11158"TF_Matchmaking_Banned" "A member of your party has been banned from matchmaking until\n%s1."
N/A11159"TF_Matchmaking_PartyBanned" "A member of your party has recently abandoned a game. You will be prevented from playing until the follow date."
N/A11160"TF_Matchmaking_PartyLowPriority" "A member of your party has recently abandoned a game. You will be matched against parties that also have this flag."
1115911161"TF_Matchmaking_MissingTicket" "%s1 doesn't have a ticket"
1116011162"TF_Matchmaking_MissingPass" "%s1 doesn't have a Competitive Matchmaking Beta Pass"
1116111163"TF_Matchmaking_CompetitiveExplanation" "In competitive games, you are automatically matched against players of similar skill rating.\n\nTo invite friends before being matched, start a Party by clicking the button below."
1244612448"TF_fall2013_superthief" "L'homme Burglerre"
1244712449"TF_fall2013_superthief_Desc" "French for 'The Thief of Hamburgers.'"
1244812450"TF_fall2013_escapist" "Escapist"
N/A12451"TF_fall2013_escapist_style1" "Style 1"
N/A12452"TF_fall2013_escapist_style2" "Style 2"
1244912453"TF_fall2013_escapist_Desc" ""
1245012454"TF_fall2013_neo_tokyo_runner" "Flapjack" // ADD THE
1245112455"TF_fall2013_neo_tokyo_runner_Desc" ""
1273912743"TF_sbox2014_medic_apron" "Smock Surgeon" // ADD THE
1274012744"TF_sbox2014_demo_samurai_sleeves" "Sangu Sleeves" // ADD THE
1274112745"TF_sbox2014_pyro_zipper_suit" "Cute Suit" // ADD THE
N/A12746"TF_sbox2014_pyro_zipper_suit_style0" "Hat"
N/A12747"TF_sbox2014_pyro_zipper_suit_style1" "No Hat"
1274212748"TF_sbox2014_war_goggles" "War Goggles" // ADD THE
1274312749"TF_sbox2014_war_helmet" "Eliminators Safeguard" // ADD THE
1274412750"TF_sbox2014_archers_groundings" "Archers Groundings" // ADD THE