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20602060"TF_BooBalloon" "Boo Balloon" // ADD THE
20612061"TF_BooBalloon_Desc" "These cheery (but terrifying!) balloons are made from the actual inflated faces of ghosts. Order now, before those uppity ghost rights activists get wind of this and shut it down."
N/A2062"TF_BooBalloon_Style0" "Haunting"
N/A2063"TF_BooBalloon_Style1" "Please Help"
N/A2064"TF_BooBalloon_Style2" "Hey Guys, What's Going On?"
N/A2065"TF_BooBalloon_Style3" "Bone Party"
20622066"TF_UnknownMonkeynaut" "Unknown Monkeynaut" // ADD THE
20632067"TF_UnknownMonkeynaut_Desc" "Have an actual ghost of Mann Co.'s first doomed monkeynaut expedition haunt your shoulder! Unlike the many other doomed monkeynaut expeditions undertaken by Mann Co., Operation Banana Catapult was unique in that no space shuttles were even used."
20642068"TF_GrandDuchessTutu" "Grand Duchess Tutu" // ADD THE