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33203320"ItemTypeDescNoLevel" "Level %s1" // s1 is the level number. Example: "Level 12"
33213321"ItemTypeDescKillEater" "%s1 %s2 - %s4: %s3" // s1 is the kill eater rank, s2 is the item type, s3 is the string for lifetime kills (*) of this weapon; %s4 is for what sort of event we're tracking (ie., kills, ubers). Example: "Veteran Fish, 82948 kills"
33223322"ItemTypeDescKillEaterAlt" "\n(%s2: %s1)" // maps to s3/s4 above
3323N/A"KillEaterEventType_Kills" "Kills"
3324N/A"KillEaterEventType_Ubers" "Ubers"
3325N/A"KillEaterEventType_KillAssists" "Kill Assists"
3326N/A"KillEaterEventType_SentryKills" "Sentry Kills"
3327N/A"KillEaterEventType_PeeVictims" "Sodden Victims"
N/A3324"KillEaterEventType_Kills" "Kills"
N/A3325"KillEaterEventType_Ubers" "Ubers"
N/A3326"KillEaterEventType_KillAssists" "Kill Assists"
N/A3327"KillEaterEventType_SentryKills" "Sentry Kills"
N/A3328"KillEaterEventType_PeeVictims" "Sodden Victims"
N/A3329"KillEaterEventType_BackstabsAbsorbed" "Spies Shocked"
N/A3330"KillEaterEventType_HeadsTaken" "Heads Taken"
33293332"of" "of"