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Documentation for Youtube

This template will embed a video inside an article.



{{youtube|YouTube id}}

With a defined thumbnail width:

{{youtube|YouTube id|width=value|align=alignment}}
YouTube Video ID
The YouTube video id of the video to include.
Width of the video, in pixels. Height is calculated based on ratio. Default is 512px.
If specified, must be a list of hyphen-separated integers representing possible video widths (Example: 460-500-700). The video size will be based on the browser window size and the ratio of the video. If left unspecified, the video will stay at the value of the width attribute.
Horizontal alignment of video. Default is left.
Ratio of embedded video, with x as separator (Example: 4x3). Default is 16x9.
Whether HD should be turned on or off by default. Default is to let YouTube decide. YouTube users may override this value in their YouTube preferences. This parameter can be set to on or off.
Whether this video should be presented as an audio file (display only the seek bar, no video). This parameter can be set to on or off.

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