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Big G is a user of the Internet, noted here for his participation on the Team Fortress 2 Wiki. He also has accounts in other gaming related media, such as Steam, Facepunch, Youtube,, and the Officical Minecraft Forums. He also does some skinning and light modeling for video games. He hopes to one day not just have a Wiki Cap, but to deserve the privilege of owning one.

What he hopes to contribute to the Wiki

  • Has the ability to make GIFs out of slideshows, assuming the pictures and time duration are supplied.
  • Is capable of minor reskins in most Source games.
  • Is capable of examining game models more closely in Garry's Mod, although probably not to the same extent as others who use Half Life Model Viewer.
  • Can browse through most Game Cache Files (GCFs) to find otherwise hidden files. Again likely done better by other, more competent users.
  • Has occasional access to information not always posted on the wiki for whatever reason.