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Hello. I'm not really an avid wikier and will probably only make minor changes and suggestions on the discussion pages most likely. You can find my backpack here.[1] I guess I should maybe write something else, so:

Stuff still Wanted/Needed by Me

Panic Attack, Iron Bomber, Quickiebomb Launcher, Tide Turner, B.A.S.E. Jumper, Classic, Back Scatter, Trickster's Turnout Gear, Ap-Sap, Festive Bonk! Atomic Punch, Festive Backburner, Festive Grenade Launcher, Festive Axtinguisher, Festive Frontier Justice, Festive Huntsman, Festive Revolver, Festive Sandvich, Festive SMG, Festive Shotgun, Freedom Staff, Ham Shank, Festive Buff Banner, Nostromo Napalmer, B.M.O.C., Festive Chargin' Targe, AWPer Hand, Black Rose, Festive Bat, Festive Ubersaw, Festive Rocket Launcher, Festive Minigun, Festive Holy Mackerel, Festive Wrench, Festive Ambassador, Festive Bonesaw, Festive Knife, Big Kill, Snack Attack, Bread Bite, Self-Aware Beauty Mark, Mutated Milk, Maul, Alien Cranium, Biomech Backpack, Xeno Suit, MK 50

Favorite Hats/Misc.


1st: Mountebank's Masque/Courtier's Collar/Harlequin's Hooves Combo

2nd: Bonk Boy (Got it. Yay!)

3rd: Beastly Bonnet/Cheet Sheet Combo

4th: Milkman (Got it. Yay!)

5th: Bonk Helm


1st: Defiant Spartan (Got it. Yay!)

2nd: Doctor's Dapper Topper, A seriously underrated hat.

3rd: Chieftain's Challenge

4th: Sergeant Drill Hat

5th: Killer's Kabuto


1st: Brigade Helm (Got it, YAY!)

2nd: Connoisseur's Cap

3rd: Old Guadalajara

4th: Flamboyant Flamenco

5th: The Infernal Imp set (Got it, YAY!)


1st: Black Watch

2nd: Glengarry Bonnet (Got it. Yay!)

3rd: Buccaneer's Bicorne

4th: Sultan's Ceremonial

5th: Voodoo Juju (Slight Return)


1st: Large Lucadore (Got it. Yay!)

2nd: Commissar's Coat

3rd: Bear Necessities

4th: Big Chief (Got it. Yay!)

5th: The FrankenHeavy set(Got 'em. Yay!)


1st: Western Wear (Got it, Yay!)

2nd: Texas Ten Gallon

3rd: Googly Gazer (Got it. Yay!)

4th: Prairie Heel Biters (Got it. Yay!)

5th: Itsy Bitsy Spyder (Got it. Yay!)


1st: Blighted Beak/Grimm Hatte Combo (Got it, YAY!)

2nd: Prussian Pickelhaube

3rd: Combat Medic's Crusher Cap

4th: Team Captain

5th: Vintage Tyrolean


1st: Ol' Snaggletooth (Got it. Yay!)

2nd: Shooter's Sola Topi

3rd: Larrikin Robin

4th: Toy Soldier

5th: Deep Cover Operator


1st: Noh Mercy (Got it. Yay!)

2nd: Charmer's Chapeau

3rd: The Invisible Rogue Pack (Got it. Yay!)

4th: Hat of Cards

5th: Fancy Fedora


They usually aren't the best of hats, but they are often taken for granted, they are real good hats.

1st: Unknown Monkeynaut (Got it. Yay!)

2nd: Crone's Dome

3rd: Ghastly/Ghastlier/Ghastlierest/Ghostly Gibus (Got it... as you may have imagined.)

4rd: Bombinomicon (Got it... as you may have imagined.)

5th: B.M.O.C.

Things I want to see in game

Well this is a fair bit easier, now that the favorite function is working on the workshop, but any that aren't listed on my favorties [2] are here:


Hermes' Petasos (Winged Helm), [3]


Trojan Helm I'd still like this paint style to make it in-game.[4]

WAR! reparations. [5]


Unnamed Minigun replacement: Somehow the ammo box makes this gun [6]


The Electrifying Update [7][8]


Iron Cross. [9]

Pontifex Medicus [10]

Der Frankengear [11]


Musketeer Spy (The hat itself is in.) [12]

To add to the Musketeer Spy: The Main Gauche [13]