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Basic information
Icon: Leaderboard class engineer.png
(Type ): Seeing support
Health: 200
321 After finishing a drink of Red Bull
Speed: 100%
200% While chasing down Spies
I everyone, free money!.
— Medic

Hi I'm Evolvedsauron, please call me 'Sauron' for short. I spend most of my weekend playing tf2. I am new to tf2 wiki , and am not good at editing. I have a group on steam that I created and some of my friends or anyone else joins. To identify these people in groups , you can do it the easy way , look at there profile , or see if (EST) is in there name. Also, me and -Thalegolas share the spy set, that's why it is on both are profiles

My userbox(s)


User Scout.png This user is a Scout.
“I'm battin' a thousand!”


User TARDIS.png This user enjoys watching Doctor Who.
"Wibbily wobbley timey whimey stuff."

Love and War update.png This user witnessed the Love & War Update!

The Spy Set
Spy.png Fancy Fedora Dr. Whoa Ambassador Ap-Sap Knife