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A magical moment in my life. Specifically my aunt's home.

I seriously don't know what to put here.

But you can! You can be someone!

Let's go let's go! Enjoy the beautiful box brought to you by Doctor scrap. Let's see.

Secret information: scouts mom.

(This information is top secret! Tell nobody! Not even Jamal! Basically, I'm developing a taunt with certain friends. PREPARE THE WORKSHOP!

Basic information
Gender: Male
Health: 125
Birth place: America
Native language: English
Team Fortress 2
Favorite classes: (all of em')
Favorite maps: ctf_2fort,
Favorite hats: Mining light
Favorite miscellaneous items: flapjack
Contact information
IRC nickname: flammingidiot ;

flamey ; Doug ; Dug ; Mr. Corny ;

Ideas and thoughts

  • Meet the medic map.: I know there is already a community created KOTH replica, but I mean. It's one of the coolest SFM's about the team, and the fact we still don't have this as a map bugs me. The community version is very well done, sporting custom assets and models.


  • TheSpyCrap
    • Tf2publicferret
      • Jo_zinc
        • Dr.scaphandre

My sandbox.

(thanks doc!)