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Gin Ginster
Basic information
(Type ): Brawler
Gender: Male
Health: 250 HP
Native language: Arabic
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Scout & Sniper
Favourite weapons: Scattergun & AWP
Favourite hats: Ghastly Gibus & Ghostly Gibus
Contact information
Steam page: Current Account, Old Account
IRC nickname: Ginster

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it is funny to me!


I'm the TF2 Wiki Arabic translator, I cant remember how many pages I've translated so far (Don't let the 2016 edits fools you, there was a time where I focused a lot of my time on the Wiki) ,however I'm sure that if you look at my edit history you can find out for yourself, I would turn into a husk if I tried , I try to spend my time on the things that I'd like to do, this includes wiki translation whenever I don't have paperwork to do in working hours.


Going through every English articles listed in this page one by one and check for non translated pages/translated for anything inaccurate.

  • Finished revising...

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1 Template ...General Achievements Template (Done)


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