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Hi, I am Irufort Grantz or just called Irufort ! I'm here to help you all and to join the communitees in editing the page! I'm still new here and might make mistake 2 or 3...but i can learn from my experience and reform myself! That's all!

Jobs to do

  • I like to add trivial things on the pages since i'm always reading book and others...
  • I like to repair and clean some of slightest mistake , wheteher it be punctuation, translation, spelling, etc .
  • I like to add tips to the strategy page , so people can do more planning and thinking than before.
  • While I can't do much, I may want to learn about making videos. So i can perfect other videos that are imperfect.
  • I will translate some page into my native language, which is indonesian. Support me!

What I have to learn

  • 3D model animation for the weapons
  • Writing Wiki style's table form
  • Demonstration Video

Time to keep Working!! Irufort 06:59, 7 October 2012 (PDT)