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Important stuff

<GrampaSwood> You are a Wiki editor, for sure

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Unimportant stuff

Hi most people call me jh, turtle, or know me as "that handshake collector."

I like MvM[1], Scottish Handshakes[2], and achievements[3].

I'm also lazy and don't want to make a proper wiki page. I know too much about MvM, feel free to ask questions and I'll get back to you after 3+ hours with about 5 paragraphs about why the answer to your question is what it is.

I unboxed 834 Mann Co. Supply Munition #103 before getting an unusual (Scout Shako - Searing Plasma) while getting data to update that crate's unbox percentages.

This user participated in creating the celebration image for 200,000 registered users!

Checkout my TODO list if you want.

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