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Hello, you are viewing KplKabbage's user page. Thank you for your time to read this little statement.

If there isn't any spell check, there will be a lot of wrong words. I guarantee it.

Location: Iowa, USA

Age: Classified

Gender: Male

Inhibitions: Colorblind

Favorite Hat (that I own): Ellis cap

Favorite Hat (that i want to have): That 70's Chapeau

Languages that can be spoken: English, very little Spanish

I hate pop culture sayings, ex: Swag, Yolo, Lol, ect...

When I have no idea what your name is, you are temporarily dubbed "Sonny Jim." Why? Because where I'm from, it's a common saying.

I know the programing language of"C++"

Maths: I use it.

You have seen what is needed to be seen, now have a nice day.

I am mostly Dutch, yet also part Danish and Irish.

P.S. If you wanna find me on Steam, just simply type in KplKabbage in the "find person" search bar. I know that I will be the only person to have that name. Trust me, I done it before.