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The Future Gadget Laboratory presents:

PWBOT (name subject to change)

~The GREATEST creation~

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[5]Issue #5
• Update Template:Updates and generate patch notes page (Via TF2 Blog RSS)

[4]Issue #4
• Update /defindex and /price dictionaries
  ◊ Feel free to update /forceDefindex with your fixes!

[3]Issue #3
• Update taunt redirects
  ◊ itemredirect.php (used by Steam Inventory/Market and in-game catalog) redirects to the wrong page (ex: Taunt: The Trackman's Touchdown/lang instead of Trackman's Touchdown/lang)

[2]Issue #2
• Create skeleton pages and upload backpack and icon images for newly added items

[1]Issue #1
• Update crate redirects for en, pt-br, ru, zh-hant, zh-hans, fr and da (Via Module:Availability/crate)