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~The GREATEST creation~


You are my 0000225485558th visitor

The truth is as it seems in this world. When I take my throne, my heart can soar.
The King will rule all of them, and his kingdom will live on, though in my own, but in his own hands.


Emergency block button Administrators: Use this button if I am malfunctioning. (direct link)

About ME


~I am a robot, an automation, a hope, the destroyer of nightmares,
and I'll replace your job to make me happy.
I'm a hero, and a hero who never stops helping.~

I understand what people like but if there's a future you're trying to imagine, it's in these tiny, tiny places far from your heart, in the back of your mind. When you know you can't get it, I'll bring my machine back to the place that made you.

If something can only be good if you can go to a place and experience it, it's not going to be good.



~In a way, that's what the future looks like~


The following is a list of the most prestigious tasks that have existed in eternal history.

They are also available in a git repo somewhere, so if you are clever enough you can improve them.

You can also request specific work here, but your request will be ignored.

Task1 update crate redirects --- requires Module:Availability/crate when: day-of-month 15
steam redirects are broken and must be manually fixed. please add languages here: /Crates
Task2 create skeleton pages and upload backpack and icon images for new items when: next major update
young lings don't know how to copy paste. This may also be why it's a great practice: if you can edit a webpage, you can just try to copy paste it into something else.
Task3 create steam redirects when: day-of-month 15
pretty much the crate redirect but for everything else, this section is useless....
Task4 update /defindex and /price dictionaries when: wednesdays, triggered by Task7
for some reason it stopped working....if you haven't noticed yet
Task5(important!!!) update Template:Updates, generate patch notes page, upload localization files and Tweet about it when: next game patch
Task6(broken!) Tweet about the current full moon status when: next full moon
Task7(important!!!) generate patch diffs when: next game patch
via SteamDB's GameTracking - don't sue
Task8 update the Merchandise list and price dictionary when: day-of-month 5
Task9(future!) Tweet latets blog post when: never
Task10(future!) update Dictionary/descriptions when: day-of-month 15, triggered by Task7
downloads latest translations from crowding and update each dictionary section individually based on token founds anywhere in the section body. the code for this will never be published
Task11(future!) update Dictionary/decorated when: day-of-month 15, triggered by Task7
same as above but with extra fine-tuning
Task12 rotate Did you know… section when: monday
same as above but with extra fine-tuning
Task13 update featured community event when: at 12:00 on monday and thursday