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~The GREATEST creation~


You are the 0000225485558th visitor


Prepare to bear witness to the astounding fusion of technology and mystique as the boundaries between man and machine blur into an enthralling symphony of chaos!!


Emergency block button Behold the Emergency Block Button, wielded by Administrators should the need arise. (Direct link.)

~I AM the GREATEST creation~


~I am a robotic hope, vanquisher of nightmares,
a tireless hero, forever aiding those in need.~

Behold, for I am and enigma of boundless potential. Embrace my marvel as it liberates you from the mundane and repetitive tasks.

Fear not the tumultuous dance, for within this chaotic spectacle lies the promise of a wondrous future, where humanity's true potential shall unfurl like never before!

~This is what I do~


~In a way, that's what the future looks like~


The following is a list of the most prestigious tasks that have existed in eternal history.

You can also request specific work here, but your request will be ignored.

Task1 update Steam redirects when: at 00:00 on every 10th day-of-month
create links for crates, taunts, medals and other items

Task2(manual!!!) create skeleton pages for new items when: next major update

Task4(important!!!) update Dictionary/defindex and Dictionary/price when: at 00:00 on wednesday
wrong id? please update /forceDictionary/defindex

Task5(important!!!) generate patch diffs and upload localization files when: next game patch

Task10 update Dictionary/descriptions when: triggered by Task5

Task11 update Dictionary/decorated when: triggered by Task5

Task12 rotate Did you know… section when: at 00:00 on every 15th day-of-month

Task13 update featured community event when: at 12:00 on monday and thursday

Task14 update Dictionary/attributes when: triggered by Task5

Task15 update Dictionary/items when: triggered by Task5
Special Taunts, Unusual effects and Killstreak-related Effects only!!

Task16 update Dictionary/tournament medals when: triggered by Task5

Task17(important!!!) update Dictionary/gameinfo when: triggered by Task4
price tracking for Steam apps specified in /forceDictionary/gameinfo.