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Event Promotion on the Team Fortress Wiki is a project organized by RJackson & ran by select members of the Team Fortress Wiki staff. The project intends to make use the Wiki's very public & regularly accessed Main Page to promote events happening within the Team Fortress Community. There are a set of rules & regulations in order to have an event promoted by the Wiki, and events must adhere to set criteria to be considered legible.

Rules & Regulations

  • One-off or first-time events get priority on the Main Page over regularly ran events.
    • We understand events are tough to run, and in order to help new events establish recognition for themselves, we will give them precedence over regularly-run events on the Main Page.
  • Priority is given to events that are the soonest to begin.
  • Events to be promoted must be submitted to us at least 1 week prior to the events beginning.
  • If the event has a "sign-ups" stage, you must submit the promotion application 1 week prior to sign-ups beginning.
  • Events will be taken off the main page if any of the following conditions are met:
    • The event is considered lower-priority than the event(s) replacing it (See the above rules).
    • The event has become closed to new participants.
      • Similarly, if the event is near it's ending date and it's unfeasible for new participants to enter in-time (e.g. The Polycount event, the KritzKast Meet The Demo Uncensored event), then the event will meet this condition.
    • The event has been requested (by the event organisers) to be removed.

Event Criteria

  • Sufficient community acceptance.
    We will promote events that the TF2 community have expressed interest within (We must not be the first port of call for promoting your event).
    We will not promote events that a chunk of the TF2 community wouldn't touch with a barge pole.
    Similarly, we will not promote events that support violation of the Steam Subscriber Agreement or could be considered fraudulent.
  • Well-organised.
    We will promote events that have been sufficiently planned in advance & are solid to go-ahead.
    We will not promote events that have been thrown together in an evening & aren't 100% confirmed to happen.
  • Open to a wide audience.
    We will promote events that are open to a chunk of the TF2 Community.
    Events targeting large regional groups ("Europe", "North America"), or events with no regional restrictions are acceptable.
    We will not promote events that are closed to a substantial size of the TF2 Community.
    Events with restrictions such as: "country only!", "language only!", "Members of only!"; will not be accepted.

How to get your event promoted

What will the proposal process be & how will we decide which events we promote.
  • To be decided.