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The Doctor...


Time to take your medicine love: TheDoctor (Manchester Black)

My Contributions


My translations

my translations

-/+ Wiki-Skills

Pictogram plus.png  community-minded
Pictogram plus.png  multilingual editing (English, /de and /nl)
Pictogram plus.png  thanks for your information!
Pictogram plus.png  Does a lot of quality control, advises other users.
Pictogram plus.png  Doc, you're an awesome user page thief! :D
Pictogram plus.png  Great motivational speaker and noob advisor.
Pictogram neutral.png When it comes to negotiating
Pictogram minus.png  German grammar ;D well, it's not that bad! :)
Pictogram plus.png  Thank you for your big Help :D

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Memorable Video(s)

I may claim in the potential future to have uploaded the video/s below, but this is not true. Some clever old folk with the name John Smith made that happen.
I'm innocent in all this!!

Misfits Karaoke (The Power Of Love)

Next projects

  • Find a magical pony, smack some german into it, get the wiki more translators.
  • Let reddit know that it is not important
  • Study in another country
  • Stop the hate for the Dead Ringer
  • World peace
  • Eat less bad food
  • Update the general update box so common names are all the same everywhere.