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The Mighty Anus

The Golden Sniper, "All in a days work"
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Joined on the 22nd of September 2014

About Me
Name Willis Langley
Sex Male (no homo)
Age 21
Favourite Class .......
Likes about TF2 360 Quickscoping Scrub-lords
Dislikes Getting Quickscoped by Scrub-lords

Me in a Nutshell

User TheMightyAnus datsniper.png
  • Joined Wiki as I want to make huge contrubations towards the team to becoming hopefully one of the greats.
  • I usually have time in the evening to do what I can to help towards editing.
  • I do have Dyslexia so I will apologise in advance for people. Sorry :<
  • Been playing TF2 for far too long and decided to put the times I had with them to use.
  • Overall this won't be an easy walk through but with (cheesy moment) dedication and good behaviour I should fit right in.

My Collection (Show off)

The Mighty Anus' Steam Profile

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