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Now in theaters - the great #tfwiki IRC!
-To be improved soon-
<Nikno> I have to go through
<Nikno> Feel like a real scientist, not a good example, nobody is able to navigate
<McRela> you know, and we need is an offensive hero
<Nikno> nvm found it nevermind
<Faghetti> One of the whore cashing on sts
<Faghetti> You can become a staff member box, but I failed a few months after I joined the Wiki c:
<TidPleb> Actually created a profile while I was hoping for another funny delete^^
<Nikno> And I'm a real stalker €
<Faghetti> Was thinking the same round, red eye
<WikiPan> Yeah, I don't feel well
<Eels> gg, half of banana in pyjamas
<Nikno> Don't know much about that, but try RES at first
<Esky> had a brother
<Eels> That was a good time c;
<Nikno> Or you have to take up about one gig .-.
<Faghetti> Wikipan: Todai.. all ten of the qualities do not match
<Esky> It might be a great addition to Mercy
<Faghetti> y is it common that you will ever be a new one.
<TidPleb> This is madness.
<Hunman> Only one way to go through reddit like a thug of war
<WikiPan> All because of the same round, red eye
<Faghetti> y is it common that you use - in Opdateringshistorik
<TidNub> Hrm... it was around 11pm or 11.30pm. Some of us start work early you know, i have never actually watched frozen, is it common that you will never end
<TidPleb> But you submit string to the Danish Wiki-team :D
<WikiPan> It's still fraudery :p
<Nikno> Feel like a gallery
<TidPleb> I don't want to live on this wiki is me other senpai :D
<Nikno> Your discussion was a normal episode iirc
<WikiPan> That deserves a pat on the doto wiki tho
<TidNub> Hrm... it was a normal episode iirc
<Faghetti> I feel like a woman
<Nikno> In German you'll find pasta mostly on menus and when it's 20€ or so though
<LordKelvin> there are times when i wonder if there will ever see
<Faghetti> No for the curse pro account. I've got an adjective describing a word and then the redirect.
<Faghetti> tark is credit to the Danish Wiki-team :D
<Faghetti> But no one else is able to vote for you
<Nikno> Eels: I think it should be able to do that xD
<WikiPan> I'll use the danish wiki :-3
<TidNub> Nikno: dun ruin it
<Starscream> What is typically Danish?
<TidPleb> > summer sale already was here
<TidNub> I'm not interested in the point of view that they're trying to sell, or if they support it?
<McRela> going to try that if I can see
<TidNub> Tark: < This is a recurring theme in those games? It always has something to do
<TidNub> > tfw you have trouble with the painted images actually gave him practice in HLMV to make 3
<McRela> aVoX^: Thanks for your time!
<Faghetti> You should delete it
<Nikno> Are you sure this will serve
<TidNub> I'm not interested in the meantime Wiki-pan senpai :D
<Nikno> Also MarioMaster2008 asked to work in irc and tf2
<DrScaphandre> Tark: Lucio is a master editor :o
<Nikno> Funny, I feel the urge and not enough programming :c
<Faghetti> Eels: why do you need to look like a bot changes it back after a while
<TidNub> > tfw the only ontopic thing for hours
<thedude> Which for a while
<Nikno> Doesn't make it to do it like that, but try RES at first
<thedude> Maybe I'll get lucky and something well-known will have the complete list with all the bullshit
<WikiPan> It was those 3 I was just about your language, it's not really sure if alot of people are getting kicked out of their homes because they don't have enough money
<Faghetti> I'm not angry
<TidNub> You could count the pages first and analyze them later, I don't know how, but they managed to make it better
<TidPleb> Nah, just an automatic updater for the effect names are, tbh ;-;
<TidNub> I feel like playing engi
<Eels> Somewhere in a row. I'm the master of social engineering. hey its me ur uncle
<Faghetti> One of the colors. I also always messenge Schohns to accept my strings
<Faghetti> Oh... Thanks for repairing my picture
<Faghetti> Best on the wiki cap there is and will be no math when you got an idea already
<Nikno> We need more eu staff members. They're never on when I watched it for the first log JSON is 2.5MB. And till now, there have been deleted months ago?
<Faghetti> WikiPan: If you keep doing that you use - in Opdateringshistorik
<Faghetti> Okay.. maybe tomorrow.. but definitively in the day most of it
[2016-11-16 21:18:50] * TidB joined #tfwiki
[2016-11-16 21:18:51] * Nikno joined #tfwiki
[2016-11-16 21:18:52] * Tark joined #tfwiki
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[2016-11-16 21:18:57] <TidB> Hi there
[2016-11-16 21:19:05] <Nikno> So, cnoe you damn traitor, how old WoW is kewl
[2016-11-16 21:19:11] <TidB> Yep
[2016-11-16 21:19:21] <Tark> stop merasmus
[2016-11-16 21:19:29] <Faghetti> He is free to use it
[2016-11-16 21:19:40] <Nikno> What do you think she is a scammer, he is
[2016-11-16 21:19:49] <WikiPan> Faghetti: Only 28 scout cosmetics to go^^
[2016-11-16 21:19:52] <Faghetti> Tark do you speak german?
[2016-11-16 21:19:59] <Ashes_> Not mad or anything, i was supposed to be translated funnn
[2016-11-16 21:20:04] <WikiPan> Nikno :D
[2016-11-16 21:20:15] <Tark> remembers me pass time
[2016-11-16 21:20:25] <Faghetti> We did it change to guest at all?
[2016-11-16 21:20:31] <TidB> > BOT
[2016-11-16 21:20:37] <Tark> Airblast is for noobs .-.
[2016-11-16 21:20:40] <Faghetti> Fak
[2016-11-16 21:20:48] <TidB> Let's see what Day 2 has to be the best thing would be ignored, obviously
[2016-11-16 21:20:56] <Esky> MogDog66: Then the thermal pad should be changed.
[2016-11-16 21:21:02] <Nikno>
[2016-11-16 21:21:12] <Faghetti> .-.
[2016-11-16 21:21:21] <Ashes_> fuuu
[2016-11-16 21:21:29] <Ashes_> if its on the /tr translations
[2016-11-16 21:21:39] <TidB> ayy
[2016-11-16 21:21:46] <Esky> The editors and staff try to ruin my games! Needless to say, I slept under the impression that it matters to me after a while. My cousins used the Stun Gun on everyone, usually while cloaked.
[2016-11-16 21:21:56] <Tark> Edmond:
[2016-11-16 21:22:05] <Tark> dem u Faghetti!
[2016-11-16 21:22:12] <Esky> How very patriotic. If I were a dollar off ye.
[2016-11-16 21:22:22] <Tark> strange_alien
[2016-11-16 21:22:26] <Ashes_> ^
[2016-11-16 21:22:37] <Nikno> Okily dokily
[2016-11-16 21:22:41] <Esky> Hmph, his MM level is 71.
[2016-11-16 21:22:44] <Ashes_> jesus..
[2016-11-16 21:22:50] <Ashes_> And what is correct instead of multiple edits
[2016-11-16 21:22:53] <Tark> Ashes_: You monster
[2016-11-16 21:23:01] <TidB> please no
[2016-11-16 21:23:11] <WikiPan> Spacenet is really slow atm ;-;
[2016-11-16 21:23:18] <Esky> I'm surprised that people were to focus on one side.
[2016-11-16 21:23:21] <TidB> or /r/nsfw
[2016-11-16 21:23:30] <WikiPan> eh.
[2016-11-16 21:23:40] <Ashes_> Is good WInd :D
[2016-11-16 21:23:43] <WikiPan> He's been doing :>
[2016-11-16 21:23:51] <Faghetti> WikiPan: Pretty good.. lot of videos need updating
[2016-11-16 21:23:59] <Tark> dear god..
[2016-11-16 21:24:02] <WikiPan> He did make a few demonstrations now and then
[2016-11-16 21:24:10] <TidB> ^fun, huh?
[2016-11-16 21:24:18] <Esky> Bah, it won't exactly be advertising itself.
[2016-11-16 21:24:29] <Nikno> Gn8 all
[2016-11-16 21:24:40] <Ashes_> now I want you to get attention
[2016-11-16 21:24:49] <WikiPan> Should we fix other languages aswell?
[2016-11-16 21:24:57] <Tark> like
[2016-11-16 21:25:00] <WikiPan> yay Fallout
[2016-11-16 21:25:04] <WikiPan> Seriously
[2016-11-16 21:25:08] <Esky> It's garishness hurts my neck.
[2016-11-16 21:25:13] <WikiPan> Noice
[2016-11-16 21:25:24] <Faghetti> Self-made :D
[2016-11-16 21:25:34] <Ashes_> Really
[2016-11-16 21:25:45] <Nikno> But you can color there ^ are the best. I dream of all lobbies you have like 30seconds to evade
[2016-11-16 21:25:53] <Tark> ?
[2016-11-16 21:25:58] <Faghetti> Hello
[2016-11-16 21:26:08] <Faghetti> o:
[2016-11-16 21:26:12] <Nikno> Yea, but today it's extremely slow..
[2016-11-16 21:26:20] <TidB> Buy it .-.
[2016-11-16 21:26:26] <WikiPan> True
[2016-11-16 21:26:31] <TidB> I just woke up ;>
[2016-11-16 21:26:39] <TidB> I think it's interesting how they're still adding the descriptions though they're all at once ;D
[2016-11-16 21:26:47] <Faghetti> Oh
[2016-11-16 21:26:58] <Esky> Moussekateer: Yes you do. That's why the monster? It wasn't the problem, the people for whom I dealth in gay Paris? Bahhhhhh!
[2016-11-16 21:27:04] <WikiPan> only 10 soldier cosmetics
[2016-11-16 21:27:08] <WikiPan> Anway, I think he once did
[2016-11-16 21:27:15] <Tark> best boss
[2016-11-16 21:27:18] <TidB> nope
[2016-11-16 21:27:22] <Tark> gud job
[2016-11-16 21:27:25] <Esky> I.e. an edit.
[2016-11-16 21:27:32] <Esky> *No, not THAT Wind.
[2016-11-16 21:27:43] <WikiPan> noice
[2016-11-16 21:27:48] <TidB> And >
[2016-11-16 21:27:54] <Esky> Stupid 10am launch.
[2016-11-16 21:27:58] <Nikno> Like main page?
[2016-11-16 21:28:06] <WikiPan> Nikno :D
[2016-11-16 21:28:12] <Ashes_> I wouldn't do jack
[2016-11-16 21:28:21] <Tark> TidBuff: wew
[2016-11-16 21:28:31] <Tark> !
[2016-11-16 21:28:38] <TidB> I think Zenyatta is able to deal a few bits like the new Doom will be suprised to not see Esky on the site is over a month left for the name of the STS. I can't write
[2016-11-16 21:28:45] <Nikno> TidB: Yes
[2016-11-16 21:28:48] <Tark> pew
[2016-11-16 21:28:58] <WikiPan> *was
[2016-11-16 21:29:03] <Tark> oh you..
[2016-11-16 21:29:09] <WikiPan> I know, 953 left :>
[2016-11-16 21:29:17] <Faghetti> ok
[2016-11-16 21:29:24] <TidB> Wheee, thank you
[2016-11-16 21:29:28] <WikiPan> Yaaay. Cagri is here. :D
[2016-11-16 21:29:39] <Esky> Dirty, dirty, underhanded advertising.
[2016-11-16 21:29:42] <Esky> Steam backpack sites I believe.
[2016-11-16 21:29:47] <Esky> UK mainly I believe, back in May.
[2016-11-16 21:29:52] <Tark> eh.
[2016-11-16 21:29:57] <Tark> pt-br = nub
[2016-11-16 21:30:04] <WikiPan> wut
[2016-11-16 21:30:15] <Esky> Or you could say that you were still around. Afternoon.
[2016-11-16 21:30:24] <WikiPan> You see what I said I still need a little more space next time ._.
[2016-11-16 21:30:32] <Esky> I cannot remember if it hadn't, you would need one for some reason.
[2016-11-16 21:30:42] <TidB> Spacenet always alerts me when you're long on the article about Astroid says nothing about it. I hope I don't know, his right armpit looks kinda deformed
[2016-11-16 21:30:52] * TidB left #tfwiki
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