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WikiTranslator Documentation Localization Template

Latest version: 2016-05-28:1

What is WikiTranslator?

WikiTranslator is a local Python script that automatically translates common words, phrases and whole sentences in articles. This is especially useful for huge content updates like Scream Fortress 2013 (over 100 cosmetics), which can be translated much faster.

But automated translations are "strictly prohibited"!

This rule does only apply on services like Google Translate which translate a text word for word. This script adds previously translated sentences to the text. Additionally, WindPower allowed this tool.


Main article: WikiTranslator Documentation
  • Translations of the first sentence in cosmetic item, weapon and item set pages as well as the optional sentences for community and promotional items.
  • Translation of multiple texts at once
  • Translation of selected text parts
  • Fully functional GUI
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Translations are customizable via the selection of functions
  • Selected functions can be saved as presets
  • File importing and exporting
  • Translation of wikilinks and Wikipedia links
  • Localization of sounds in quotations
  • Translation of {{Main}} and {{See also}} templates

Supported languages

Language Translator
Danish (da) Faghetti V.2
German (de) AgentBull, TidB
Finnish (fi) Zabidenu
French (fr) Nicolapps
Italian (it) Bandicoot0123
Korean (ko) Themokey
Dutch (nl) CaptainCookieCrunch!
Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br) Muriloricci, Tark
Russian (ru) Pepsone
Turkish (tr) Cagrimanoka
Note on the Russian version: Due to a heavy rewriting, some special grammer rules haven't been implemented yet.

How do I add my own language?

Read the localization page first. There are a lot of strings to add and sometimes it is a bit tricky. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Download & installation

Install Python 3 or later
Install the 'requests' library (installation instructions can be found there)
Install the 'mwparserfromhell' library (Installaiton instructions are in the README below)

You can find the newest version and the code on GitHub. Click on the "Download ZIP" button on the right.

Copy the *.py files from the .zip folder into the some other folder and you should be all set. Doubleclick on to fire up the GUI.
Read the documentation for more details how to run and use the script.