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Download the latest version here!
wikitranslator on Windows 10. The article is translated into German.

The wikitranslator is a tool that automatically translates common words, phrases and whole sentences in articles. This is especially useful for huge content updates with many page that can be translated much faster.

Aren't automated translations "strictly prohibited"?

This rule does only apply on services like Google Translate which translate a text word for word; this script adds previously translated sentences to the text. Oh, and it's allowed anyway.


  • Translations of the first sentence in item (set) pages as well as the optional sentences for community and promotional items.
    • Also includes set contents, update history, levels, categories and flags as well as thumbnail descriptions.
  • Translation of headings
  • Automatic addition of {{DISPLAYTITLE}}
  • These features are available if the option 'Use TF Wiki connection to improve translations' is selected:
    • Translation of wikilinks and Wikipedia links
    • Localization of sounds in quotations
    • Translation of {{Main}} and {{See also}} templates

Supported languages

Language Translator
Danish (da) Faghetti V.2
German (de) AgentBull, TidB
Finnish (fi) Zabidenu
French (fr) Nicolapps
Italian (it) Bandicoot0123
Korean (ko) Themokey, 123rse
Dutch (nl) CaptainCookieCrunch!
Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br) Muriloricci, Tark
Russian (ru) Pepsone
Turkish (tr) Cagrimanoka

How do I add another language?

Read the localization page first. There are a lot of strings to add and sometimes it is a bit tricky. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Download & installation


  1. Download either (faster startup time) or wikitranslator.exe (slower startup time) from the downloads page.
  2. If you're using the .zip download, extract it into some folder
  3. Run wikitranslator.exe

Other systems

  1. Install Python 3 or later
  2. Install the 'requests' library (installation instructions can be found there)
  3. Install the 'mwparserfromhell' library (installation instructions are in the README below)

  4. Download the sources however you like (cloning the repo, downloading the .zip) and run