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Talk Contributions Steam TF2 Backpack
Talk Contributions Steam TF2 Backpack
Basic information
Type: Human
Gender: Male
Birth place: Italy
Native language: Italian (you don't say?)
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Pyro
Favourite maps: Cp_orange
Favourite weapons: Degreaser
Contact information

Flag Italy.png This user is Italian and knows more about pizza than you do, amico!
TF2 crosshair.png This user is a Team Fortress Wiki translator!
Crystal xeyes.png This user is afraid of red links.

Works that I am proud of

  • Ambushing/it
  • Translated all new Love & War Update's new cosmetics and weps into italian

Other works in progress...

g This user plays Garry's Mod.
L4D2.png This user fought off the zombie apocalypse with a gambler, a coach, a rambling mechanic, and a reporter.
Poker Night Icon.png This user plays poker with a gamer, a support specialist, a wrestleman, and a lagomorph.
Userbox Poké Ball.png This user has gotta catch 'em all!
YouTube Icon.png This user has a YouTube channel, but doesn't want you to find it too easily.
Chrome Logo.png This user uses Google Chrome as his web browser.
User edikkisin Overuses user boxes.png This user overuses user boxes.
REDicon.gif This user is an employee of RED.
Spy No smoking.png No smoking please!
Tf sniper jarate chop.png This user is a piss sniper.
User Soldier F5.gif This user vigorously mashes F5 upon any new TF2 update.
Trading parcel.png This user loves to trade items.
User Pyro.png This user is a Pyro.
“Mhmmh... mmmmm-hmm!”
User Sniper.png This user is a Sniper.
“Wave goodbye ta yer ’ead, wanker!”
User Spy.png This user is a Spy.
“You know, hiding won’t save you.”

Melee icon Axe.png This user plays air guitar over your smoldering corpse.
User LordKelvin Spycheck.png This user HATES Spies.
RED Dalokohs Bar.png This user eats far too much chocolate.
Coca-Cola logo.png This user drinks too much Coca-Cola.
Mad Milk.png This user drinks far too much milk.
Painted Brigade Helm B8383B.png This user fights fire with fire.
User Jagoba RL Don Patch.gif This user loves absurd humour.


Wikichievement Awarded by Reason
Tf play game everymap.png

Parlez-Vous Français?
Provide help translating the Team Fortress Wiki to your language.

DC64 Wikichievement unlocked!
Great work on translating the Italian side of the wiki, keep it up!