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Hudda hudda huh etc.

I'm pretty good at this wiki thing; I'm a bureaucrat on SmashWiki. I'm also the guy that invented the MvM wave tables, which is a buttload of work. If you know me from Smash Bros.-land, you know I'm good at the ludicrous-tables-that-no-one-else-can-sit-still-for shtick.


And now some boxes because you probably expect such.

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Hall of Fame

Basicaly just a list of the top/favourite items in my backpack (which probably means "everything that is customized in some way").

Last updated: 17:43, 20 October 2017 (PDT)

Rocket Launcher Coconut Shooter
Can fire in spurts. If it shoots ya, it's gonna hurt.
Market Gardener Unprofessional Market Gardener
(Kills While Explosive Jumping: 0)
Australium Flame Thrower The Koopa King's Combuster
He's got a fiery temper, but MAN is he a fun dude!
Flare Gun Summon Flare
Star-searing flames of absolution!
Grenade Launcher The Left-Hand Plan
Filled with that hollow joy of destroying one's own creations...
Loose Cannon Geeettttttt Donked On!!!
I know it's unoriginal, I find it funny anyways, can you even read this?
Large Luchadore The Mask of Juan Paint Splat TeamSpirit.png
Taste that spicy Rooster Uppercut!
Widowmaker Aggressively-Placed Dispenser
You tryin' tah take mah metal? Here y'go!
Wrench Skulled Shaman's Spanner
Designed for all sorts of mumbo jumbo.
Gunslinger Mini-Sentry Mason
Individually named, individually blamed.
Medigun Übercannon
Knife Too Bad
Expecting a teammate?
Shotgun Super Scope