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My Contributions

Hello and welcome! My name is Philip. I'm 17 years old and I'm a High School student with 2 years left. I've always loved the TF2 wiki for being very informational and learning about items, so after hitting 1000 hours in TF2, I decided to hop on here to see if I can provide any help to the site at all! I won't probably be fast enough to edit the English pages, so my goal is to translate the entire wiki to Swedish (very ambitious goal that's almost impossible to manage by myself, now that I'm gonna be attending High School). When seeing the Swedish wiki with very outdated information and bad grammar, I feel like it really must become better and be just like the English wiki, or the Russian wiki.

I'm just starting to get experience with wiki coding and such, so I don't have a fancy profile like others have yet, but someday... (I got the templates going for me, which is nice)

I registered 2/11 - 2014 (2nd November 2014, around 16:00 GMT+1)

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