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Why hey there!

I was just checking your edits and such, thought I'd drop in and and give you some pointers.To be honest, you're pretty unique. It's very rare that an editor comes along and makes edits for the strategy of the game over hats, movies or anything else. It's pretty cool, honestly. I also appreciate your incentive, though there are articles for advanced strategy. Those don't really belong on class articles. There are strategic articles explicitly for that sort of content. You can find a whole lost of them right here.

Before you continue to edit, however, I must ask that you give your attention to our style guide. The whole help center is important, but the style guide is especially important to editors, old and new alike. It explains what "X of Y" means, why "This hat has been inside a crate" or "This weapon prevents a suicide taunt from killing you" aren't good trivia... I'll give you the short version, but it'd be great if you read it anyway. Observations aren't trivia.

When someone undoes your edit, it doesn't mean "Hey, I better add that back!" Don't worry about losing your cool, a lot of new editors do it. Just try to abide. If your edit was reverted, there was a reason for it. You're better off asking the person who reverted it why they did it. If you don't, it usually devolves in to stupid edit wars, and just makes problems for everyone involved. Please don't forget this. Edit wars are bad.

If you need something to do that isn't centered around strategy, you can give the task list a look. I find that the easiest edits for a new user to handle are stub expanding and article cleaning, but you should play with everything and find something that you really like! This wiki has all sorts of outlets for every kind of talent. I'm sure you'll pick up something you like in no time at all.

Recent changes patrol is a good thing to do too, once you've learned the style guide a bit. You can just refresh the log and revert any bad edits you see.

New editors are always welcome in the IRC. It's a chat room for editors to coordinate edits, help each other or just sit and casually discuss the world over coffee and/or tea like gentlemen. It's a good place to learn things while getting yourself known to the community. We are cool people! /me leather jacket

You have any questions, don't you hesitate to ask! Ask anyone! I'll be happy to help, but if you're more comfortable with a moderator helping you, you can hit them up. You'll find them with green names on the recent changes log, or in the IRC. They have their own channel, you can get to it through the main IRC. Just click the #tfwikistaff link in the subject header.

Have a good time editing, all right? Talk to people. I hope to see you around!

--SilverHammer 11:03, 31 July 2011 (PDT)