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GET http://api.steampowered.com/ISteamUserStats/GetSchemaForGame/v2

Method-specific parameters

appid (uint32)
appid of game
l (Optional) (string)
localized language to return (english, french, etc.)

Result data

gameName (string)
Steam internal (non-localized) name of game.
gameVersion (int)
Steam release version number currently live on Steam.
achievements (Optional) (array)
name (string)
API Name of achievement.
defaultvalue (int)
Always 0 (player's default state is unachieved).
displayName (string)
Display title string of achievement.
hidden (int)
If achievement is hidden to the user before earning achievement, value is 1. 0 if public.
description (string)
Display description string of achievement.
icon (string)
Absolute URL of earned achievement icon art.
icongray (string)
Absolute URL of un-earned achievement icon art.
stats (Optional) (array)
name (string)
API name of stat.
defaultvalue (int)
Default value of stat.
displayName (string)
Developer provided name of string.