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The Overhealer is a scrapped unlockable secondary weapon for the Medic. It appears nearly identical to the standard Medi Gun, but has two nozzles in the front instead of one.

The Overhealer can boost a player's health to 200% of their maximum, and unlike the default Medi Gun's 150% overheal, this boost will not decay over time. The trade-off is that the Overhealer's ÜberCharge was to fill very slowly or possibly not at all.[1]

Eventually the Overhealer was shelved due to balancing issues in the game.[2] Never-the-less, a very similar weapon, the Medi Gun Beta 1, was tested in the Team Fortress 2 Closed Beta.

The Overhealer would have been available to Medics after attaining a certain number of achievements, its eventual replacement being the Kritzkrieg. The model and materials for the Kritzkrieg attachment bear the filename overhealer.


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