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To find out who already owns a Wiki Cap, see the list of Wiki Cap owners.

Wiki Caps are awarded to valuable contributors to the Official Team Fortress Wiki. The Wiki Staff gather together to discuss Wiki Cap candidates; each candidate and their contributions are evaluated and discussed, at the end of the discussions the Staff vote on whether or not to award a Wiki Cap to that candidate.


Main article: Team Fortress Wiki:Wiki Cap/Nominations

Anybody is free to nominate Wiki contributors to be Wiki Cap candidates. See the nominations page for details.


Discussions about Wiki Cap candidates are held privately by the Wiki Staff, however discussions are logged on a per-candidate basis. Logs can be accessed here by entering the editor's Wiki username and generated per-candidate password. Nominated candidates can request their password by contacting any Staff member directly. Please only do so if you have been nominated.

Eligibility factors

The following things are taken into consideration when reviewing candidates:

  • Demonstrate a strong desire to help improve and update the Wiki through useful edits and contributions.
  • Participate in the community by contributing to discussion. We also have an IRC channel where you can get to know and become part of the regulars!
  • Adhere to the policies and practices of the Official Team Fortress Wiki, including observing the style guide and the official policies.
  • Know how to properly implement licenses on images, sounds, and any other kinds of uploads, media or otherwise.
  • Have a helpful, cooperative, and community-minded attitude at all times.

Note to translators

The community values and appreciates your effort to translate articles. In order to maximize your contribution, please prioritize the articles you choose to translate. Articles linked to from the front page are usually the highest priority, while low traffic pages like patch notes are near the lowest. Spend the rest of your time working to improve the English version of the Wiki so you have great articles to share in your own language.

Inactive localization teams

Nowadays, solo translators or inactive localization teams are overlooked and often don't get an opportunity to be nominated like other editors. As a courtesy and better fairness towards localization teams with low activity or solo translators, they will be granted a special privilege; the privilege to nominate themselves. This is to ensure that solo translators or members of localization teams with low activity can have a chance at being nominated and evaluated, despite member activity. This only applies to translators that meet the following criteria:

Pictogram comment.png Note: It is expected for the users to make significant and valuable contributions; spamming edits to inflate your count will result in the nomination being rejected.

  • User must have minimum 1 year of Wiki activity.
  • User must be the only active translator or part of a localization team with no more than 2 other active members.
  • User must have 200 edits in the main namespace per month for 12 cumulative months.
  • Users that have received a "No" verdict may re-nominate themselves after 6 months have passed.

What is an inactive localization team?

  • By definition, inactivity applies to the overall count of active translators for a given language, i.e. languages consisting of a single active translator, or localization teams with less than 3 other active members.