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In many cases, the preferred means of contacting me or at least getting my attention for TF Wiki matters is by adding me for SM. I use my phone for little else besides family and Scouting phone calls and texts, and photography for Wikipedia, and step counting.

And for checking for the few SM I get.

I always have it with me for SM access, and my only SM access is for Team Fortress Wiki, and TF2 ImyRL.

Any TF Wiki editor is free to add me.

The point is, regardless of my work and life situations the lag between you sending me an SM and me responding to you is the smallest, usually a few hours, sometimes minutes. (Drinking a lots of coffee gives me many opportunities to stretch my legs and check for TF Wiki SM.)

It often happens that there are extended times (days, weeks, months) that I am unable to patrol even on my phone, much less perform significant review or editing. However, the TF Wiki is never far from my mind, and I am always available, subject to the above limitations, for bits of advice and Mod action through SM. As GP knows, blocking, locking, and chocking is easy enough on my phone, so, and even when traveling I can usually respond shortly. Also, SM me for Mod actions when the Europeans are asleep.

Yes, a limitation of SM is that AFAIK the conversations disappear. If you want something to be a matter of record, use a talk page, and SM me to look at it.

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