December 12, 2012 Patch

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Patch notes

Source Engine Changes (TF2, DoD:S, HL2:DM)

  • Fixed a hang on start-up with non-scalable bitmap fonts
  • Fixed crash on start-up when joysticks are attached

Team Fortress 2

  • Added a prompt to turn on controller mode when using Big Picture
  • Increased console font size for the Linux version
  • Fixed some problems caused by disabling controller mode
  • Fixed missing HUD sounds for Engineer building status panel
  • Fixed the Spy version of the tf_zombie entity not using the correct skin
  • Fixed international keyboard chat and console input for the Linux version

Undocumented changes

Files changed

Note: The changelog below is generated from a diff of two revisions of the game. This data may be incomplete or inconsistent.
Revision changes
Modified: team fortress 2 client content.gcf/tf/bin/client.dll
Modified: team fortress 2 client content.gcf/tf/bin/client.dylib
Modified: team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/bin/server.dll
Modified: team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/bin/server.dylib
Modified: team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/bin/
Modified: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/materials/vgui/cursors/arrow.vtf
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/materials/vgui/cursors/crosshair.vtf
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/materials/vgui/cursors/hand.vtf
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/materials/vgui/cursors/hourglass.vtf
Modified: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/materials/vgui/cursors/ibeam.vtf
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/materials/vgui/cursors/no.vtf
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/materials/vgui/cursors/sizeall.vtf
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/materials/vgui/cursors/sizenesw.vtf
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/materials/vgui/cursors/sizens.vtf
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/materials/vgui/cursors/sizenwse.vtf
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/materials/vgui/cursors/sizewe.vtf
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/materials/vgui/cursors/up.vtf
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/materials/vgui/cursors/waitarrow.vtf