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Documented or not?

The steam link is missing a bunch of patch notes we have as undocumented that are actually documented on the 119th update page, just not on the steam link. I don't really know why. This is a weird case, we probably should consider what to do. I think they're considered "documented" but I can see the argument that they weren't because it's only on the 119th update page that they are. Balladofwindfishes (talk) 13:44, 22 February 2014 (PST)

It would probably be sufficient to update the header to be something like "Listed on the 119th update page<ref>[ 119th Update]</ref>"

Darkid (Talk | Contribs) 14:09, 22 February 2014 (PST)

Wrong Badlands link?

  • Fixed Badlands never having Sudden death triggered.

Bandlands is linked to King of the Hill, although it seems incorrect and should be linked to Control Point instead. KotH wasn't added to the TF2 Beta until 2011. Control Point was released in 2008. Is the link correct?