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Happy April Fools' Day!

On April 1st, 2023, the Team Fortress Wiki still followed its April Fools' Day tradition. We hope you enjoyed the event!


  • AlexT (editing)
  • Andrew360 (Moustachium weapons and Corolla Corral images, Corolla Corral demonstration video)
  • BEUFK (editing)
  • BrazilianNut (editing)
  • Dereko (editing)
  • Eirin Yagokoro (Chinese translation)
  • FiveEyes (Corolla Corral model and backpack icon)
  • Gabrielwoj (Moustachium weapons images, editing)
  • GrampaSwood (idea coordinator, editing)
  • Guest (editing)
  • Luno (French translation)
  • Mrsirpotatohead (Danish translation)
  • Profiteer (Chinese translation)
  • Ryo (Spanish translation)
  • Tark (idea coordinator, Moustachium weapons crafting blueprint, Brazilian Portuguese translation)
  • ThatHatGuy (Moustachium weapons and Corolla Corral idea, Corolla Corral model collaborator, editor)
  • TheRilonh (Russian translation, editing)
  • Vege (editing)
  • Yossef (editing)


The following content was made:

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