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Basic information
(Type ): Danish Translator
Birth place: Denmark
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Soldier (R.I.P. Rick May)
Favourite maps: Upward Well 2fort
Favourite hats: Benefactor's Kanmuri
Contact information
Steam page: Steam tray osx.png

Update: 3rd of April 2019

- After 4 years hiatus, I've build up an urge to really get back into translating this site into the bitter Norse language of Dansk!

- In the meanwhile I've matured and gained a much better understanding of websites and how they operate!

- Updated localization files

What I am working on:

- My formalities, grammar and use of Wiki lingo.
- Getting all cosmetic items a Danish translation
- Getting all weapons a Danish Translation

My ambitions

- Succeed

What I've done

My contributions ūü°Ü Contributions


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A lil poster I made

Pyro potato hat.png

Every Potato Item so far

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