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You are free to work on whatever you want as long as it follows the rules.

Important: Unlike previous events, if no ongoing effort is made towards the actual event, it will be postponed. Acceptable ideas may be considered for future events, but please keep in mind that a collaborative effort is necessary to make the April Fools' event happen.

Please see our previous events to get a sense of what we're looking for:

Update procedure

The April Fools' Day event will begin at 00:00 UTC+0 on April 1st and terminate at 00:00 UTC+0 on April 2nd.

On April 1st (UTC+0):

  • Editors: Move April Fools' content to the main namespace.
  • Staff: Publish any YouTube videos and related content.
  • Staff: Update protected pages, e.g. {{Updates}}, {{Trending topics}}

On April 2nd (UTC+0):

Acceptable content

The following is allowed:

  • Original content
  • Steam Workshop content
    • Items from the Steam Workshop are only accepted with the creator's express consent.
    • To avoid concerns of bias, Workshop items should either be original (created for this event and then published on the Workshop) or at least 5 years old.
  • Content based on other Valve games
  • Content based on third-party media (case by case) - Fake promotional items are allowed as long as they're not direct copies of the originals and do not put us or Valve in legal trouble.
  • Off-wiki content (update pages, playable TF2 content, videos, fan-games etc.)

Adding new ideas

  1. Check to see if your ides satisfies the criteria listed under Guidelines for April Fools' Events and Acceptable content.
  2. Create a new section to the Ideas section below.

Note: If your proposal introduces a new item or game mechanic, you or someone must write a wiki article about it.


  1. Vote for your preferred ideas by posting a Pictogram plus.png + ({{c|+}}) or Pictogram minus.png - ({{c|-}}) in topic.
  2. Upon reaching 5 Pictogram plus.png + votes, please update Project status tracking and start working on it.
    1. To create a sandbox page, please make it a subpage of this one (e.g., /Future/April 1, 2024 Patch, /Future/Main Page etc.) and add __NOINDEX__ to it.

Note: Judges (Wiki Admins) have the authority to veto or approve ideas as needed.

Project status tracking

Use this section to keep track of approved ideas.

Project tracking
Content Required work Progress Translation progress Notes
User tasks
Staff tasks (protected pages, social media posts, etc)
Admin-only tasks (additional coding, etc)


Section: Main Page / Wiki Theme

Post your Main page ideas below. Please try to provide detailed explanations of your ideas and/or make a concept (you can do so on your user space or by editing an image).

For inspiration, check out:

Main Page ideas

Section: Fake patch

Post your fake patch ideas below. Please remember that if you're suggesting a new item or feature, you should be able to write an article about it. While throwaway ideas are fun, wiki events should be focused on wiki work.


{{Team Fortress Wiki:April Fools' Day/Future/SuggestionPatch
| voted-by = <!-- List of usernames... -->
| content  =
* Added something.   {{pro|0}} - {{con|0}}
* Removed something. {{pro|0}} - {{con|0}}
* Fixed something.   {{pro|0}} - {{con|0}}

Fake patch ideas