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As the Korean pages has been built on the basis of the Volunteer spirit of the Wiki users,
through the contributions of Korean translators and non-Korean contributors who have rendered distinguished service to the Wiki,
these substantial credits and honor of non-Korean contributors should be eternally respected
as models of noble Volunteer spirit by ourselves and our future translators,
and their honor should be remembered in accordance with the degree of their spirits and contributions.
— Basic Ideal of Honorable Treatment for non-Korean contributor

Honorary Translator of the Korean Translation Team (as known as Honorary Translator) is the title which awarded to a non-Korean contributor who renders distinguished service to korean pages of Team Fortress Wiki,
thereby contributing to exchanges and cooperation in the Wiki and the promotion of friendship of the Korean Translation Team.

Honorary Translator of Korean Translation Team

Eligibility factors

The following things are taken into consideration when reviewing prospective awardees.

1. Edit counts on korean pages over 90 times
2. Create korean pages over 3 times


Translator of the Team Fortress Wiki Korean Translation Team may recommend a non-Korean contributor who satisfies all the eligibility factors as a nominee for an Honorary translator
Nominations should be added on talk page


Discussions about Honorary Translator awardees are held by the Honorary Translator Award Committee,
however when the Committee is out of session or the Korean Translation Team has no time to obtain the consent of the Committee due to urgency,
prospective awardees may confer an honorary translator in consultation with active translators of the Korean Translation Team.

Method of Award

The nominator of a prospective awardee shall award a user box, a certificate of honorary translator and list as Honorary translator of the Korean translation team
to a person determined as a prospective awardee of an honorary translator on behalf of the Korean Translation Team.

Follow-Up Management

A person awarded an honorary translator may be given an opportunity to participate in Korean Translation Team project,
such as appointing an him/her as a member of a committee related to the Team or inviting him/her to participate in an event or Steam group hosted by the Team.
and the Team shall keep the certificate of honorary translator as prescribed by rule.


Awardees Region Date awarded Contributions talk
Flag Russia.png
January 7, 2020
Flag Germany.png
January 14, 2020
Flag Brazil.png
January 14, 2020
Flag Brazil.png
January 15, 2020

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