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Documentation for CC

Master template for Creative Commons licenses. Supports 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 and 4.0 versions of BY, BY-SA, BY-ND, BY-NC, BY-NC-SA and BY-NC-ND. Tagging images with {{CC}} will place the file in Category:Creative Commons files.


  • {{CC|BY-NC-SA-3.0}} generates
  • {{CC|type=BY-2.5}} generates
  • {{CC|BY-SA-3.0|self}} generates a self license. This can be done with any of the licenses.
See also: Licensing images

Use a licensing template whenever you upload content to this wiki. Be sure to pick one that matches the content you're uploading.

Note: Uploads without a license will be automatically placed in Category:Images without license tags by User:WindBOT.

{{ScreenshotTF2}} - For all TF2 screenshots and videos, regardless of origin.
{{AudioTF2}} - For audio clips, music, or sound effects extracted from the game files.
{{ArtworkTF2}} - For artwork, content images, or other drawings from the game. This includes content from the TF2 Official Website and the Steam Workshop.
{{ExtractTF2}} - For media extracted from the game content files, such as icons or materials.
{{Valve content}} - For any content owned by Valve but not specific to a certain game.
{{TFC image}} - For any media from Team Fortress Classic.
{{ArtworkTF2-Pre}} - For artwork, etc. that is from the TF2 Beta or pre-releases.
{{PD}} - For any content released into the public domain.
{{QTF image}} - For any media from Team Fortress, aka Quake Team Fortress.
{{PD-self}} - For content that the uploader has released into the public domain.
{{Fairuse}} - For copyrighted images or media which are used under fair use terms.
{{CC}} - For images or media that use a Creative Commons license.
{{Trademark}} - For content that contains trademarks. Note: This template should be used in addition to another license.
{{L4D image}} - For content from Left 4 Dead or Left 4 Dead 2, including screenshots, videos, and extracted files.
{{FAL}} - For images or media distributed under the terms of the Free Art License.
{{GFDL}} - For images or media released under the GNU Free Documentation License.
{{GPL}} - For images or media released under the GNU General Public License.
{{LGPL}} - For images or media released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.