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Patch notes


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Please see Help:Patch notes for full instructions on adding patch notes to the wiki.

This template keeps the style of patch note pages consistent. This template supersedes {{Patch}} and {{Succession box}}. This template uses other helper templates for some parts of its translation. See also: {{Patch layout/Diff header}}


Parameter Example Required? Description

* Fixed bug that caused a crash.

* Added a new cvar that disables W+M1.

yes The actual patch notes.
game tfc no This isn't necessary for TF2 patches. If set to "tfc", this will change the links and categories accordingly (i.e. link to Patches (Classic)) and categorize into Category:Patches (Classic).
Next / Previous
before August 2, 2010 Patch yes A link to the previous patch.
day, month, year 17. august, 2010 Automatically set by WindBOT The date the current patch was released on. Required for translated patches in order to have DISPLAYTITLE automatically populated.
after August 20, 2010 Patch yes A link to the next patch. If none, put N/A.
source<n> http://store.steampowered.com/news/4102/ yes The URL of the Steam news article on the patch. Supports up to 3 individual sources.
source<n>-title 22 Jul 2010 – Team Fortress 2 Update Released no Optional name override on source link. Supports up to 3 individual sources.
updatelink http://www.teamfortress.com/war/part1/index.htm no URL of official update page (only for major updates).
update The WAR! Update no Name of major update to be displayed with the link.
Nothing If it exists, the page at Template:PatchDiff/Patch page name will be transcluded. If Template:PatchDiff/Patch page name n exists, where n is an integer, it will also be transcluded.
hide-diff | hide-diff = yes no Override to not transclude the patch diff.
displaytitle | displaytitle = no no Template will automatically set the displayed title of the page (i.e. {{DISPLAYTITLE:Title}}) unless this is parameter is defined. The automatic title used is the text of the current parameter; if this is not defined, no display title is set.
no-category | no-category = yes no Disables automatic categorization. Should be used for pages such as user sandboxes.
crowdin | crowdin = yes no Removes automatic {{lang icon}} from patches that have been translated and published on Steam.


{{Patch layout
| source = http://store.steampowered.com/news/4102/
| source-title = Team Fortress 2 Update Released
| before = [[July 19, 2010 Patch]]
| after  = [[July 23, 2010 Patch]]

| notes  = 

=== Server Browser ===
* Fixed the server browser not saving filter settings properly

=== Team Fortress 2 ===
* Fixed a speed exploit related to benchmarks
* Fixed Parasite hat not being posed correctly on class loadout panels
* Fixed a level change crash