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This page documents the procedure for adding patch notes to the wiki. Patch notes now use the template {{Patch layout}} to keep their layout consistent.


Creating a new article

  1. New patch articles should use the name format Month DD, YYYY Patch. If the patch is for the Xbox, append (Xbox) to the end. Examples:
  2. August 20, 2010 Patch or August 20, 2010 Patch (Xbox)
  3. Copy and paste the following code:
  4. {{Patch layout
    | source =
    | before =
    | after  =
    | notes  =
  5. Copy and paste the patch notes directly from the article on and format them like this:
  6. * Fixed a bug with the game
    * Updated cp_dustbowl
    ** Made it less spammy
    ** Fixed glitch
    * Updated the game
    === Community requests ===
    * Added a new cvar
  7. Add the URL of the update page to the source line at the top like this:
  8. | source =
  9. Add the date of the previous patch to the before line like this:
  10. | before = August 17, 2010 Patch
  11. Add N/A to the after line.
  12. Preview your article and if everything works fine hit Save page.
  13. Updating the rest of the wiki

  14. Go to Template:Updates and make sure patch-month and patch-day are all correct and up-to-date.
  15. Go to the patch just before the new one and update its after line with a link to the latest patch:
  16. | after = N/A on the old patch article now becomes | after = August 20, 2010 Patch (the date of the latest patch)
  17. Go to the article on Patches and add the latest patch as a new item to the top of the list.
  18. You're done.


For more complicated patches.

  • Handling two source links at once:
| source        =
| source-title  = Part 1
| source2       =
| source2-title = Part 2
  • Handling update pages:
| update     =
| updatelink = The Engineer Update
  • Handling update pages in different languages (if necessary, use {{lang icon}}):
| update      =
| updatelink  = Das Scout Update