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{{QuAD}} is used to display the Quality Availability Database. In other words, it will list the ways to get an item in a given quality. This particular template is a wrapper for {{Dictionary/quad}}, the Database.

Entries in this dictionary call {{QuAD/list}} to order the Availability in a fixed order, and passes them as sequentially numbered parameters to {{QuAD/list/core}}. QuAD/list/core adds punctuation (commas and ampersands) and the result is a nicely readable string. This also makes use of {{QuAD/comma}} and {{QuAD/ampersand}}.

{{Qualitycheck}} is called with a Quality, and it will format the availability list for the relevant template (such as {{Wqc}} or the qualities section in {{Item infobox}}).

{{Wqc/table/core}}, {{Cqc/table/core}}, or {{Quality list}} call Qualitycheck (or do the formatting themselves) for all the available qualities.

Other templates: {{QuAD/p}} and {{QuAD/series}}.


When new items are added that need qualities, edit the Database, {{Dictionary/quad}}.

When new availability types are added/needed, edit the Availability, {{QuAD/list}}.

If there is an item with more than 20 availabilities, update {{QuAD/list/core}}.

If there are new qualities, edit the Quality lists, {{Wqc/table/core}}, {{Cqc/table/core}}, or {{Quality list}}.