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This infobox template can be used to display images and basic information pertaining to items. For infoboxes for other uses, see Category:Infobox templates.


{{Item infobox}} deprecates the following templates:

  • {{Weapon infobox}}
  • {{Hat infobox}}
  • {{Tool infobox}}


This template places pages with incorrect use into tracking categories.


Please remove the parameters that are left blank. See Parameters section below for documentation of all parameters.

{{Item infobox
| name = 
| game = (Only use this if the game is TFC)
| type = 

| image = 
| team-colors = 
| team-colors-width =
| two-models = 

| 3d-alt = 
| 3d-team-alt =
| number-of-3d-images = 
| number-of-3d-team-images = 
| number-of-3d-alt-images = 
| view1name = 
| view6name =

| displayed-price = 

| kill-icon-1 = 
| kill-icon-6 = 

| kill-tooltip-2 =
| kill-tooltip-6 =

| used-by = 
| slot = 
| contributed-by = 
| released = 
| released-major = 
| availability = 
| medieval = 
| taunt-kill =

| trade = 
| marketable = 
| craft = 
| numbered = 
| paint = 
| rename = 

| ammo-loaded = 
| ammo-carried = 
| ammo-type = 
| reload-type = 

| loadout = 
 | custom-icon =
 | level = 
 | no-level = 
 | att-1-positive = 
 | att-6-negative = 
 | item-description = 



Setup parameters

The displayed title of the infobox. Not necessary for most English pages as the title is collected from the page's name itself. This is also the name displayed in the loadout stats if enabled (overridden by loadout-name). It also overwrites the displaytitle template and changes the article name into the displayed title of the infobox. The following parameters are also aliases for name, and function in the exact same way:
  • NAME, title, name-override, item-name-override
Changes the display of information and the categorization of the page based on type.
  • weapon, cosmetic, taunt, special taunt, action, tool, ingredient
Set to anything to mark the item as "unused". This will hide the "Trading", "Crafting", etc, fields that appear by default, and also removes slot categorization. Also sets slot to "Unknown" if one is not defined.
Not necessary for the majority of items. Team Fortress Classic weapon pages need to set this parameter to "tfc".

Image parameters

The main infobox image to be displayed directly underneath the title.
Example: File name.png
The width of the image, defaults to 250px. Use this only if the image does not display well at the default size.
Example: 96px
Set to "yes" if the item has team-based color variations. The images will be displayed using the syntax "File:RED <Item Name>.png" (where <Item Name> is collected from the page's actual name). This can be overridden with different filenames using skin-image-blu and skin-image-red (see below).
Sets custom width for the team-based color variation images. Default is 95px.
On QTF and TFC pages this needs to be defined as "yes". The individual filenames can be defined using QTF-model and TFC-model respectively.
team-colors-class1, team-colors-class2 and team-colors-class3
If item has class specific team colours, specify those classes here. Set to other for "Other classes".
skin-image-blu and skin-image-red
The filenames for team-color images. Overrides defaults (see above).

3d model parameters

For a more complete explanation with examples, see Module:3D viewer advanced.

If the weapon has >2 team coloured models set to yes.
If the weapon has alternate models set to yes.
If the weapon has both team coloured and non team coloured alt models set to yes.
If 3d-team-alt is true set to the number of team coloured models.
If 3d-team-alt is true set to the number of non-team coloured alternate models.
The name to display for the nth 3D image.
Optional overide for model image filename.
Example: Scattergun 3D temp.jpg

Buy now button parameters

The name of the item to display the price of from the price dictionary, if not the same as the page name.

Kill icon parameters

Main templates: {{Icon killicon}} and {{Kill notice}}

The following parameters can only be used if type has been set to weapon or taunt (see above). Up to 6 of each are allowed.

Setting to off or hide will hide the kill icon section from the infobox, even if type is set to weapon or taunt. Common usage: weapons that do not have a kill icon (e.g. Medi Gun).
The weapon's kill icons. See {{Icon killicon}} for exact naming. By default, kill-icon-1 will be displayed using the page's name; thus in most circumstances, defining kill-icon parameters is not necessary unless the weapon has additional kill icons (e.g. backstab or flaming arrow).
The weapons kill icons with an added tooltip (e.g. Flaregun hadouken would have the tooltip "Taunting") . Not a required parameter.
The kill text displayed within the kill notice. If it does not display properly (i.e. the text is too big), wrap the text in tags.
Example: FISH KILL!

Information parameters

The class or classes that can use the item. Basic text parameter. Please use {{Used by}} instead of plain text.
slot[1] [primary, secondary, melee, pda1, pda2]
Can only be defined when type is set to weapon or taunt (see above). Other variations:
  • primary: slot1, slot 1, 1
  • secondary: slot2, slot 2, 2
  • melee: slot3, slot 3, 3
  • pda1: pda1, pda 1, disguise kit
  • pda2: pda2, pda 2, watch, cloak
This template will also categorize based on these values.
The default text displayed by these values can also be overridden by setting slot to any other specified value.
Example: Secondary
Primary (Crafting)
Note: this behaviour will disable the automatic categorization based on slot types. Categories will need to be applied to the bottom of the article manually.
The custom-slot parameter can also be used when the slot type is non-standard (e.g. if the weapon has both Primary and Secondary slots).
crafting-slot [primary, secondary]
For weapons that have a different crafting slot to their loadout slot.
  • primary: slot1, slot 1, 1
  • secondary: slot2, slot 3, 3
equip-region and equip-region-2 [whole head, hat, face, glasses, ears, beard, shirt, medal, arms, back, feet, heavy pocket, engineer belt, engineer pocket, scout necklace, sniper necklace, scout backpack, demoman bombs, medic backpack, medic necklace]
The item's equip region according to items_game.txt
The person(s) who contributed the item to the game. Basic text parameter. Not displayed unless defined specifically. Categorizes the pages into Category:Community-contributed items.
When the item was released. Basic text parameter. Not displayed unless defined specifically. Please use {{Patch name}} instead of plain text.
The named patch the item was released in. Basic text parameter. Not displayed unless defined specifically. Check Template:Dictionary/common_strings#major_update_titles for a list of parameters.
The means of obtaining the item. Basic text parameter. Not displayed unless defined specifically. Please use {{avail}} instead of plain text.
Used to disable the display of the price if in error. Prices themselves are stored inside {{Item price/core}}.
Example: off
trade[1] [yes, no]
If the item can obtained through Trading. Items are marked as tradable by default. Pages with trade set to no are categorized into Category:Untradeable items.
Deprecated: Since the February 29, 2016 Patch, only tradable items can be wrapped using the Gift Wrap or Giftapult. The only tradable unwrappable items are the aforementioned tools and the Description Tag. The template handles everything automatically. Not displayed if item is untradable.
marketable[1] [yes, no]
If the item can be sold on the Steam Community Market.
craft[1] [yes, no]
If the item can be obtained through Crafting. Items are marked as craftable by default.
numbered[1] [yes, no]
If the item can have a Crafting number. Only displayed if type is set to cosmetic.
paint[1] [yes, no]
If the item can be used with the Paint Can. Only displayed if type is set to cosmetic. Cosmetics are marked as paintable by default.
rename[1] [yes, no]
If the item can be used with the Name Tag or Description Tag.
medieval[1] [yes, no]
If the item can be used in Medieval Mode. All melee weapons default to yes.
taunt-kill[1] [yes, no]
If the item can Taunt Kill. All weapons default to no.

Ammo parameters

These parameters are only available if type is set to weapon or taunt (see above).

The amount of ammo available in the clip (or magazine?). Basic text parameter. Hidden if set to "N/A" or "".
The amount of additional ammo carried by the player. Basic text parameter. Hidden if set to "N/A" or "".
The ammo's type. Optional basic text parameter.
The reloading type. Basic text parameter.
Common uses: Single, No Reload
Set to off to disable the display of ammunition stats. Some example uses would be the Razorback, Darwin's Danger Shield, or the Electro Sapper.

Loadout parameters

Main template: {{Backpack item}}
Set to yes to display loadout information as it is displayed in the backpack. Is not displayed by default.
quality[1] [normal, unique, community, unusual, self-made, valve]
Item quality. Defaults to "unique" yellow. (See Rarity#Colors and documentation of {{Backpack item}} for full list of parameters).
The name displayed. Defaults to either the page's name itself or the displayed name (set by name, see above). Use this parameter when the infobox name differs to the loadout name (for example, adding the rarity prefix on non-English pages):
Example: Необычный Призрачный металлолом (Unusual Haunted Metal Scrap)
English pages will have their loadout name preceded by "The" unless this parameter is set to "none". This will be overridden if 'loadout-name' above is defined.
Custom backpack icon for users' own purposes. Usage: entering usual file link without File: prefix.
The level and type of the item. Basic text parameter. Defaults to "Level 1-100".
Positive attributes. Up to 6 basic text parameters.
Negative attributes. Up to 6 basic text parameters.
Neutral attributes. Up to 6 basic text parameters. Use item-description for weapon or cosmetic descriptions instead.
The item's description. Basic text parameter. Displays the description with a smaller font size and lower line height so it fits neatly and stands out from the item's other attributes. Please use {{item description}} instead of plain text.
The amount of uses the item has. Basic text parameter.
The flags attached to the item. Basic text parameter.
Set to "none" to hide the "Vintage" or "Community", etc, prefix/suffix but keeping the colour. Can also use a custom value, e.g. "prefix/suffix = The Best" will generate "The Best Flare Gun" or "Flare Gun The Best".

Non-article maintenance parameters

These parameters should only be used in certain circumstances.

Disables all automatic categorization (i.e. slot categorization, etc). Does not disable maintenance tracking categories.
Overrides Polycount Pack categorization. Will not be around for much longer.


  1. a b c d e f g h i j k l This parameter's value is used by the template internally and is not displayed; thus it should not be translated and should remain as-is in English.

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