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Documentation for Weapon Demonstration

To display weapon demonstration videos on pages. See Weapon Demonstration Project Video for more info on specific videos.


Simply place the template on the weapon article.

If a link to a patch which outdates the demonstration is found in {{Dictionary/demonstrations}}, it will display a notice that the demonstration is outdated.

  • {{Weapon Demonstration}} on the Scattergun article generates:


To manually choose a weapon video, insert the YouTube video ID as an unnamed parameter:

  • {{Weapon Demonstration|y0A7D2ufqrU}}

To manually choose a weapon video by weapon name, insert the name of the weapon as weapon parameter:

  • {{Weapon Demonstration|weapon=Bat}}

To customize the level of the header, add the headerlevel parameter:

  • {{Weapon Demonstration|headerlevel=h3}}

To remove the header, add the noheader parameter:

  • {{Weapon Demonstration|noheader=true}}

To remove the hatnote (but not the header), add the nohatnote parameter:

  • {{Weapon Demonstration|nohatnote=true}}

To make the video show up as a thumbnail, use tn=yes:

  • {{Weapon Demonstration|weapon=Homewrecker|tn=yes}}

Parameters width and ratio work like the {{Youtube}} template.

As weapon demonstrations frequently become outdated with patches, this template can be adapted to flag demonstrations as "outdated". By editing this page, and adding code as such: scattergun-outdate: {{patch name|6|27|2012|date=true}}.
This will appear on the page as: Note: This demonstration has been out of date since June 27, 2012.

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