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User Spy.png This user is a Spy.
“You know, hiding won’t save you.”
Achieved.png This user has earned 242 of the 520 TF2 achievements. That's 47%!
Backpack case.png This user has a Team Fortress 2 Backpack which can be found here.
Heavyhater.png This user is a Heavy Hater.
"Eat it, fatty!"
Knife ready to Backstab 1st person red.png This user is a Backstabber!
Steam tray.png This user has a Steam profile, which can be found here.
Windows Logo.png This user uses Microsoft Windows and does not know what version they are running.
Mouse Icon.png This user plays TF2 with a mouse.
Flag America.png This user is American, pardner!

Weapon Checklist

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