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Retired for good

If you want info for making articles for the remaining redlinks on Template:Unused Content Nav, you can check my old Scrapped Content Compendium site via the Wayback Machine for most of it. Many in the community such as User:Sandvich Thief know the rest.

The articles, though redlinks, are properly sourced, despite what this revision that I had to undo may say.

The sources for those things are, for the most part, on the left side of the Unused Content Nav template. For things like the DNA Gun, Phase Cloaking Watch, Paint Bomb and Water Balloon, reference the leaked source code. Paint bomb has an entire .cpp file, tf_paint_bomb.cpp, and the Water Balloon is what those unused kill icons are for. The Water Balloon also had filenames found in the October 28, 2015 Patch. If you check the texture preload list.txt entry in that patch's patch diffs, and search for balloon, you'll find texture names for water balloon weapons.


I've spent far too long in this community, and wasted far too much time trying to fit in and increase my knowledge of beta/cut content, all in chase for the potential of getting a Wiki Cap to finally have my work acknowledged. Now? If I somehow end up getting a cap because someone "posthumously" nominates me, I plan to delete it from my inventory and record myself doing so. So please, nominate me so I can make my new dream of deleting a Wiki Cap a reality. I've officially left the TF2 community entirely at this point. I've deleted every single TF2 file on my PC that I've collected since 2009; community-made mods that you can no longer find online, rare TF2 cut content leaks, etc. I've even outright removed TF2 from my Steam account's library along with every other game in the Valve Collection/Orange Box. I'm done with the Source community.

I'm now turning my focus to my actual hobby. Goodbye.