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This page is based on speculation and leaked content, and should NOT be made official material until release by Valve or any affiliates. I am only looking at notable items which could be featured in a future update.

Oh my God.
The Engineer on seeing a flying saucer for the first time.

Harry101uk, a music writer for Valve, uploaded a video titled the Invasion Update Trailer.

Since its release, many are in speculation that the next major update will be the Invasion Update, possibly a projected release around October.

Workshop Items


Previously, in 2014, there was a competition at with a Major Mapping Contest #11 titled 'Mercs vs. Aliens'.

From the rules provided "Teams must blow up the alien mothership in Attack/Defend gamemodes."

Leaked Video

Video Description

The BLU team is seen watching a 1950's styled sci-fi movie, when they themselves witnessing an alien invasion on their own barn. The clip is roughly 3:14 minutes in length.

Video transcript


  • Originally leaked by Harry101uk, a music writer for Valve.
  • This is the first Valve video to feature the BLU team, and to have no RED team members.
  • At 0:03, the Cow from April Fools' Day 2011 can be seen standing by the barn.
  • At 2:46, four clusters crop circles can be seen around the BLU's barn.

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