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When you read a wiki that has it's own domain, you know it's the real deal. And Wikia? That website is a joke filled with trolls. Whoever made that fake TF2 wiki on there, I hate you.
Dan9er The Gamer on the difference between dedicated server wikis and wikis on Wikia

Dan9er The Gamer, or Dan9er (pronounced Dan-NINE-er) is a user on the TF2 Wiki. He is currently living in Canada. He registered on September 18, 2014; but didn't become fully active until April 17, 2015.

Major contributions

For the full list of all of the contributions Dan9er has made, go here.

This is a table of significant contributions that Dan9er has made. All times are in Eastern Time.

Time & Date Page Summary
9:17 PM
July 17, 2016
Template:Humor Created template
4:15 PM
August 8, 2015
Player Destruction Created page. :D
3:25 PM
August 8, 2015
Template:Other custom (formally Template:Custom content) Moved page Template:Custom content to Template:Other custom: Changed my mind on what the template should be called
3:23 PM
August 8, 2015
Template:Custom content Created a brand spanking new template. :)

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