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Hello I’m Deluxe Fortress. I am currently held at gun point by spy tf2 to stand up and say 3 interesting facts about me. 1. I prefer the community side of things (Emesis Blue,Zombie Infection, Community Servers,etc) 2. I have to rely on having 2 tabs so I can figure out how to link pages. 3. I literally cannot play normally, if I try to play medic I start reverse healing with a pan, torture 1 individual as CnD spy, or turning soldier into soldierknight (rocket jumper, any banner, half-zatoichi).

If I make a mistake in the Wiki, PLEASE let me know. I’m still new to this and I want to help as much as I can. If you have an opinion on a Discussion/Talk page under mine, I will try to see your point as best as I can, but I do want everyone’s sides before I completely disregard mine or yours. Thank everyone who points out my mistakes as well, I just can’t figure something’s out and either offensive or constructive criticism is appreciated despite intentions.

FixTF2 begins today, spread the word and convince the doomers, we stand as the united brain cell.

                           Voodoo-Cursed Soldier Soul
(Me, who has done nothing but play Freak Fortress at 3:00AM for 3 days despite my sleep schedule begging me to close my eyes for at least a second)