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Fiat Seicento
Fiat Seicento
Basic information
(Type ): func_vehicle
Pronouns: He/Him
Native language: Polish
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Leaderboard class engineer.png
Favourite maps: Example
Contact information
Steam page: Yes
IRC nickname: Fiat_Seicento



  • To do list
  • A lot of users call this user a "6 year old". This is considered as an insult.


Owner of twitter page: Did(usernamehere)getwikicapyet?
W.I.P. page

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File:User Fiat Seicento Pog.png
This user says:
This user participated in creating the celebration image for 100,000 registered users!
TF2 crosshair.png This user is a Team Fortress Wiki translator!
# This user is a regular on the Team Fortress Wiki IRC channel under the nickname Fiat_Seicento
User Monte GreenWiki.gif This user likes to see this wiki turning green.
User Garbage.jpeg This User Page Is Garbage!
Tf medic heal under fire.png This user has made over 2,200 edits to the Team Fortress Wiki!
Jarate.png This user drinks far too much... no, that's disgusting.
User LordKelvin Spycheck.png This user HATES Spies.
Engineer Update Gunslinger.png This user is an offensineer.
"You ladies shoulda' oughta' brought some menfolk with ya."
User Soldier F5.gif This user vigorously mashes F5 upon any new TF2 update.
Train.png This user worships the one true deity and god of all creation.
Unusual Logo.png This user owns an Unusual hat.
User Engineer.png This user is an Engineer.
“I told ya don’t touch that darn thing!”
Engineer Mercenary.png This user is a Mercenary.

Gold Heavy.png This user has had the honor of being killed by a Golden Frying Pan.
Scream Fortress 2018 update.png This user witnessed the Scream Fortress 2018 Update!
Backpack Winter 2017 War Paint Case.png This user witnessed the Smissmas 2017 update!
Jungle Inferno Update.jpg This user witnessed the Jungle Inferno Update!
Item icon Alien Swarm Parasite.png This user has earned the Alien Swarm Parasite hat.
Lumbricus Lid Helmet.png This user owns the Lumbricus Lid.
Backpack Mann Co. Cap.png This user owns the Mann Co. Cap.
RED Ellis' Cap.png Has this user ever told you about the time they got Ellis' Cap?
Frying Pan.png This user owns the Frying Pan.
Poker Night Icon.png This user possesses all of the buy-in items from Poker Night at the Inventory.
Backpack Black Rose.png This user owns the Black Rose.
BLU Aperture Labs Hard Hat Classified.png This user owns a Genuine Aperture Labs Hard Hat.
Backpack Hetman's Headpiece.png This user owns a Genuine Hetman's Headpiece.
Backpack Ghastly Gibus.png This user owns the Ghastly Gibus.
Traveller Bronze.png This user has attained the level of Bronze on his World Traveler's Hat!
Melee icon Wrench.png Wrench smashin' mah Spy!
Flag Poland.png This user is Polish. Dzień dobry.
Mouse Icon.png This user plays TF2 with a mouse.
Steam tray.png This user has a Steam profile, which can be found here.
Dead Ringer.png This user has spent 500 hours of their life playing Team Fortress 2!
Icon pyro.jpg This user hates Pyro.
Chrome Logo.png This user uses Google Chrome as his web browser.
NVIDIA logo.png This user games with NVIDIA.
Windows Logo.png This user uses Microsoft Windows 10.
Intel Logo.png This user's computer has Intel inside.
Richard.png This user likes to hurt other people!
Tony's Revenge.png This user has reached a wrong number!
Worms.png This user likes to make invertebrates blow each other up with absurd weapons.
Userbox terraria.png This user loves playing Terraria.
Game icon 92800.png This user is an employee of SpaceChem.
Poker Night Icon.png This user plays poker with a gamer, a support specialist, a wrestleman, and a lagomorph.
Minecraftblock.png This user has succumbed to Minecraft addiction.
Game icon 730.png This user plants and defuses bombs every day in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
L4D2.png This user fought off the zombie apocalypse with a gambler, a coach, a rambling mechanic, and a reporter.
L4D.png This user fought off the zombie apocalypse with a veteran, a girl, an IT guy, and a guy who hates everything.
User Orange box.png This user owns The Orange Box.
Valve logo.png This user has the "Valve Complete Pack".
g This user plays Garry's Mod.
PeTI Icon.png This user participates in the Perpetual Testing Initiative.

Portal2.png This user is an active Portal 2 test subject.
Portal.png This user enjoys Portal.
Half-life.png This user prefers Half-Life 1.
Half-life 2.png This user likes Half-Life 2.
Steam tray.png This user supports Steam as a content delivery system.
User LiquidFire Reddit.png This user is a Redditor.
Steam tray.png This user dreams of making his own games.
As potato.png This user didn't obtain any potatoes on his Steam Community profile. Oh well, no starch-based reward for him...
Wheatley.png This user is NOT A MORON!
Killicon train.png This user likes trains. Killicon train.png Killicon train.png
Gabe Watching.jpg This user feels like Gabe Newell's watching him.
Gabe Newell Thumb.jpg This user is a fan of Gabe.
User edikkisin Overuses user boxes.png This user overuses user boxes.
User Jagoba RL Black Humour.png This user loves black humour.
User Jagoba RL Don Patch.gif This user loves absurd humour.
User Nik9990 clock1.png This user's time zone is
HD.png This user likes HD videos.
User Dani - NoBox.png This user does not want userboxes on his profile page... wait a second....
Backpack Spirit Of Giving.png This user owns The Spirit of Giving.

Multiple quality.png This user owns an item that has more than 1 quality.
Killicon gunslinger triple punch.png This user shows off his sweet combo skills with the Gunslinger! Bam! Pow! Hah!
Killicon boston basher.png This user is an idiot. Anyone got a plaster?
Holy Mackerel.png This user's weapons are high in vitamin B.
Backpack Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask.png This user owns the Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask.

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Parlez-Vous Français?
Provide help translating the Team Fortress Wiki to your language.

Kaezle September 3, 2019 Constantly updating, and translating pages into your native language is no easy task. Keep it up over there in Polish wiki. Here
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Frontier Notice
Create new pages for recent contents and updates, keeping the Wiki up to date.

GrampaSwood October 10, 2019 For updating during Scream Fortress XI instead of playing TF2. Here