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The Abuse Reporter is a game functionality added in the October 13, 2011 Patch, it allows a player to report abusive behavior from a Game Server, or from another player. The reporter allows the user to report an user's Avatar image from their Steam profile, their player name, Decals applied on their items, chat text, cheating, as well as "Other".

A player can initiate a report by pressing F7 (default key). After a few seconds, a notification will pop-up, letting the user either submit their report now (bringing up the Abuse Reporter menu) or choose to report later. When choosing the latter, the report will be saved to be edited later, and can be accessed it back anytime by viewing the notification at the Main Menu.

Filling a Report

In order to report, a player must press F7 while being at a match that has at least one human player. They must then confirm that they want to submit their Abuse Report now, bringing up the Abuse Reporter screen. On the screen, the player may choose from Abusive Game Server or Abusive Player. A screenshot from the game is shown to the right, the screenshot shown is the player's view that was took as soon as the player pressed F7. A description box is available below, so player's can explain the reason behind their abuse report. The player can at anytime discard the report completely by pressing the Discard button, or decide to finish it later. When asking to finish it later, the same report will be kept as a notification on the Main Menu, and can be at anytime accessed by viewing the notifications.

When the player is ready to submit their report, they can click the Submit button to send it directly to Steam's Customer Support.

Abusive Game Server

Players can report an abusive game server by selecting this option on the menu. They must give a brief explanation to why on the Description box.

Abusive Player

Players can report an abusive player from their game server by selecting this option. A menu with all the players from the match will be available to be selected. If the player selected is also shown on the screenshot, a red square will appear around their selected class. Once a player is chosen, you may select the type of abusive content:

  • Avatar image: The selected player's profile picture. A preview of their current avatar image is shown to the right, replacing the screenshot;
  • Player name: The selected player's name;
  • Item decal: The selected player's items with decals. The decal applied from the player is shown to the right, two arrows appears to navigate between decals in case the selected player has more than one item with a decal applied. If the player does not any items with decals, the message "(Player does not have any items with decals)" will appear instead;
  • Chat text: If the abusive content comes by the in-game chat. In case the screenshot provided shows the abuse, it can marked to be uploaded with the report when submitting it;
  • Cheating: If the player in question is Cheating;
  • Other: If none of the above categories applies to the report.

Once any of the above is chosen (except the Cheating option), a new menu will appear, letting the reporter choose the abuse category. The categories include:

  • Spam;
  • Advertisement;
  • Language;
  • Adult Content;
  • Harassment;
  • Prohibited;
  • Spoofing;
  • Inappropriate;
  • Other.

After selecting each option, the user must write a description relating their report.

File:Abuse Reporter Example.png
An example of a completely written abuse report.

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