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* some boxes stolen from Firestorm

Hi, I'm lhavelund (a contraction of my firstname "Lasse" and my surname "Havelund"). I'm a Wiki contributor (and moderator, if that makes any difference), a Trivia Executor, and primary aide to Firestorm.

If you have any questions or comments, drop me a note on my talk page, or add me on Steam.

I can help you out with the following:

  • Clean-up and creation of images (not screenshots; flags, icons, etc. I can do, however)
  • Proofreading
  • Danish translation

If you need help with any of those, hit me up.

Non-wiki essentials

I'm 20 years of age, and aside from Team Fortress 2, I play a ton of Minecraft. I'm currently finishing up high school, and try to take care of my own flat.

I've always been big on communities, and I'm a founder of a (primarily) TF2-oriented gaming community called,(Get it? Da House?) which grants me far too much fun to be allowed to be legal.

I'm a huge IRC and music fanatic, and I play the piano and the guitar.

Any further questions, drop me a line on my talk page.

Current Tasks

I keep a task list, mostly for my own good, and for bragging rights. It probably isn't very interesting to you, but you're welcome to check it out, if you wish.

Favourite Hats

I have a couple of hats I adore for each class (in order). Some of which I already own. The rest, I'm trying to acquire (Pictogram minus.png means I need it, Pictogram plus.png means I have it).

Class First priority Second priority Third priority Notes
Pictogram plus.png Bombing Run Pictogram minus.png Bonk Helm Pictogram minus.png Troublemaker's Tossle Cap I really don't think any of the Scout hats are particularly great, except the Bombing Run.
Pictogram plus.png Chieftain's Challenge Pictogram plus.png Stout Shako Pictogram minus.png Dr's Dapper Topper
Pictogram minus.png Triboniophorus Tyrannus Pictogram minus.png Brigade Helm Pictogram plus.png Napper's Respite
Pictogram plus.png Rimmed Raincatcher Pictogram plus.png Sober Stuntman Pictogram plus.png Tippler's Tricorne
Pictogram minus.png Officer's Ushanka Pictogram plus.png Hound Dog Pictogram plus.png Tough Guy's Toque
Pictogram plus.png Texas Ten Gallon Pictogram minus.png Hotrod Pictogram minus.png Safe'n'Sound
Pictogram plus.png Vintage Tyrolean Pictogram minus.png Ze Goggles Pictogram plus.png Prussian Pickelhaube
Pictogram minus.png Shooter's Sola Topi Pictogram comment.png N/A Pictogram comment.png N/A There are no good Sniper hats. :(
Pictogram plus.png Backbiter's Billycock Pictogram plus.png Magistrate's Mullet Pictogram comment.png N/A
Pictogram plus.png Wiki Cap Pictogram plus.png Modest Pile of Hat Pictogram plus.png Bill's Hat

If you have any of the above hats of the first priority I don't already own, and wish to trade it away, then please contact me.

Class loadouts


Wikichievement Awarded by Date Reason Link
Tf win multiplegames.png

Jack of All Trades
Contribute many quality edits over many different sections of the Wiki.

Firestorm November 5, 2010 For your many quality edits to the Wiki. Your edits have spanned templates, translations, mainspace and trivia. Also, I thought the first wikichievement should be awarded to the awesome guy who made them in the first place. Well done, good work and thanks for being fantastic. Here