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Basic information
Icon: Leaderboard class medic.png
(Type ): Support
Health: 225
Speed: 133.7%

About me

I'm a really boring and asocial person. Trying to contribute to TF2 Wiki just because I have too much spare time and I want to spend it on something useful. I come from Russia, so my primary language is russian.

My little "ToDo" list

  • Contribute something
    • Status: Done
  • Learn English (Because I'm really bad at it)
    • Status: Undone
  • Figure out how to make this page look better.
    • Status: Done

My links


  • Mozgoed translates from Russian as "Brain Eater".
  • I'm 14 (almost 15).
  • I hate Backburners and I like to spam airblasts.
  • My classmates think that I'm internet-nerd-who-plays-too-much-tf2... I'm totally agree with them.