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Project Feature Length is a project for the Team Fortress Wiki editor community to focus on some articles that are not read often so that they can be featured to the entire community.

The workings are simple:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
An editor nominates an article, bringing other editors' attention to it. Editors collaborate to improve the article, boosting the article's quality. When sufficiently improved, it is nominated to be a featured article.

Project Scope

The project will focus on pages that aren't often read, such as those for game mechanics, popular custom maps, and other community content.

To find articles that have potential to be featured, start by looking through these categories:

Examples for how to improve a page

  • Adding appropriate images (screenshots, extracted textures, etc.)
  • Expanding sections to include more detailed information
  • Adding appropriate links
  • Examining "See also" and "Trivia" sections to see if their contents are appropriate to the article
  • Making sure that the article follows the style guide